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Bulletproof coffee
Bulletproof coffee

I find humor in the term “coffee snob” it seems like such an insignificant thing to have a strong opinion about.  I wonder tho, if maybe I have actually tumbled into this strange land of coffee snobbishness.

Let me give you the back story…. A few years ago I discovered how much better fresh ground coffee tasted. Almost immediately I purchased myself a coffee bean grinder and was pretty happy with my “new coffee”.  I also became a fan of the delicious coffee drink called bullletproof coffee, this was a great way to have breakfast in  cup and be nourished for the morning tasks. I was on the journey of ridding my kitchen of plastic so when my drip coffee maker kicked the bucket, I found an amazon deal on a french press…. Oh yes, much better coffee!!! I was pretty sure that I had landed on the perfect combo, fresh ground coffee and a nice glass container to brew it. Then one day I realized that there is such a thing as fresh roasted coffee …Whaaat!!! So I could have coffee made with fresh roasted, fresh ground, french pressed, bullet proof coffee!!! This sounded wonderful, but the price knocked the wishing right out of me!!

I kept hearing such good things about fresh roasted coffee, like less preservatives, and more flavor!! I offered to do a review for Paul from Rocktown Roasters , because if anyone was going to know coffee it would be Paul! He sent me two flavors to try, Side Hustle blend, and Waste Not!! I had heard a lot of good stuff about Side Hustle blend and was anxious to taste it, so it was the first flavor I brewed. Sunday morning is a slower time at our place and so I shared with my husband! We both were very impressed. Really good is how I describe it, I do not know any fancy coffee terms but Real Good is my rating! It was not bitter nor had an aftertaste. Yours truly, even drank a cup black, yes black!! The other thing I decided is that fresh roasted coffee is worth the higher price! I also think I may be gifting some to my close friends, because friends don’t let friends drink bad coffee!!! My friends, get you some Side Hustle blend from Rocktown Roasters!!

Currently I am drinking the  Waste Not brew and am enjoying it as well!! Stop by and I promise not to be snobby, I’ll gladly share a cup with you!!

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