Laundry is Good Exercise (and so is counting blessings)!

Today I’m doing laundry, and counting my blessings! Both activities are giving me a workout, one physical and one mental! I am learning to wash my laundry like a pioneer women, a modern pioneer women who has running hot water! 🙂

I am here at my camper and laundry is piled up, it is calling my name and the boys are asking if its OK to wear their good jeans ( answer NO!) My #1 problem is in order to use the washers and dryers here at the campground you must be in possession of 10-12$ in quarters per week. Issue #2 My vehicle is not running correctly and my hubby is to busy to spend a day working on it,  ( issue 2b is we are in Texas and don’t know any reputable mechanics). I need the SUV to go get cash, to get the quarters. #3  I’d rather have the 50.00$ in my grocery budget.

Laundry Modern Pioneer Style

I was working on the first load in the tub this morning and feeling very grouchy. I was running fresh warm water for rinsing and gave myself a little talking-to! My attitude is my choice and I’m going to choose gratitude! I am grateful to have a back that doesn’t hurt now, a tub to wash in, warm water to use, and a nice awning to dry stuff from!

Laundry Day

I started listing my blessings while I worked.

#1 It cost less this way, the propane we already have is much more economical to heat the water, and water is included in our site rent we already pay!

#2 I don’t have to drag everything all the way over to the washroom, and then walk back and forth while waiting and changing loads.

#3 My tub is going to be so clean.

#4 The bathroom floor will get a good mopping

#5 I have wifi to use while I wait on items to dry. I haven’t had Wifi for 2 weeks.

#6 My feet and hands are getting quite a mani/pedi.

#7 This is a good prep for me if we ever decide to live on an “off the Grid” homestead someday.

#8 The humidity is so low that the clothing is all drying rather quickly.

#9 I am in possession of several sanity saving devices to help me! ( See this post)

#10 Maybe i’ll save enough to get me one of these cool clotheslines, (aff link) It looks very camper friendly!

It is amazing what choosing gratitude does for your perspective!

Dorcas For #thedelightfulcottage

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