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Dorcas Smucker’s Newest Book.

One day I was browsing Facebook and noticed an author I follow, was asking for bloggers to be part of a virtual book tour for her newest book! I started following Dorcas way back, partly just because we share a common/unusual name and mostly because her writing rang true with me. I immediately responded hoping to get a chance to be a part, but knowing that my tiny blog was probably not what she was looking for in her book tour!  I was so excited when I got a message back asking for my e-mail and mailing address. I read the book cover to cover the day after I received it, I was not disappointed! This is the second book I’ve read that she has written and I enjoyed them both very much.

The book is 36 independent chapters, each chapter is about 4 pages long.  Each one is full of wisdom sprinkled with humor, real life experiences and encouraging insights from a busy loving mother & wife.  I have a couple favorite chapters, but in  each of the chapters I saw myself, either in my spot today or in something I want to aim towards as I mature . I think this would be a great book for a conversation starter for a ladies group or even personal devotions.

In her Title chapter Love on a plate & Fragrant whiffs of joy she is talking about how much food and food prep had consumed her time that summer and how if it was just her she would have been fine with Cheerios, fresh peaches and sweet tea! I totally relate, my motto is “we eat, therefore I must cook” ! I had to nod my head in agreement with her paragraph “The most discouraging part of the job is that all my hard work is constantly disappearing. Hours of shopping, baking, thawing, stirring, frying. whipping, finally result in a huge meal. Then, in minutes, it’s gone, with only a few bones left on the plate and a smear of dressing left in the bowl.   This is what it means to be an adult. I think: to make peace with a life you didn’t foresee. to see spiritual significance in the daily repeated tasks and to find fulfillment in doing them well! It was very challenging to remember to keep the overall picture in mind and not get annoyed at the thankless jobs. Even In the “thankless” moments we are serving the Lord!

I want to leave plenty for you to read and enjoy so I won’t say too much more!  The fact that her boys grew up to be productive members of society even tho they had moments as adolescents and teens that caused her to wonder if she was failing as a mom was encouraging. I was blessed by the love of the multi-generational relationships.  I was prodded to remember that the older women must mentor the younger.  Stories (our own) must be told, letters need to be written, and we must take time to just listen to the birds !

You can get a copy of Dorcas’s book for your own reading, and if you want my honest opinion, this book is a perfect gift for every women on your gift list!

Order the book from Dorcas Smucker at:

31148 Substation Drive, Harrisburg, OR 97446.

Books are $12 each plus $2 postage. Checks or PayPal accepted. ([email protected])

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