Bend Soap Co. Review. & inside scoop on a sale!

Raise your hand, if you are one of many moms who care greatly about your health and the health of your families! I am right there with you, my friend! There are so many items we eat or use, that can be a good health choice or possibly a bad choice and sometimes those results don’t show for years. One of the first things I changed, when I started researching and learning on my health journey, was personal care products.  When I realized some of my health/hormone issues were  caused by my chemical filled soaps and lotions, I began to search for healthy options that actually work.

Goat milk Soap
Bend Soap Company

I came across Bend Soap Company this past summer and after stalking them on FB for a while, I decided to give them a try! A big thing I liked about Bend Soap Company was that they are a family owned and operated business! I took advantage of a sale they do about once or twice a year. It is called the “Bulk Scrap” sale and it makes a high quality product like theirs affordable to my shoestring budget. I ordered a couple different scents and they arrived quickly.

I was very pleased with how the soap lathered and washed back off! my skin felt clean without feeling dry. Sometimes with this kind of soap it can leave a film on your skin but it didn’t! Occasionally I lather some up in my hands to wash the front of my hair and it worked great, it didn’t leave it feeling gunky or dry!  A nice benefit to ordering the bulk soap was that it also gave me a good hostess gift stash, and who doesn’t love a good smelling soap!

They offer other products like deodorant, lotions, and Milk bath. I have also tried the unscented deodorant and was happy with the results. Be sure to sign up for their newsletter to receive notice of the “Bulk Scrap” sale!  According to their FB page, it is in the near future!!

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Bend Soap Company
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