~ Front Porch ~

Welcome to this crazy country place called The Delightful Cottage!

Come on up here on the front porch and take a load off! Lets visit !! We have a unique nontraditional take on life. We like modern & vintage, new & antique, heirloom & high-speed, current & timeless! To say we are Ford fans would be true and our tractors (if we had some) would be blue! breakfast food for supper and a good action movie and we are happy!

A self sustaining homestead is our current dream. We are actively working to make that dream a reality! Our sights are set on a property that has been let go, a property that has lots of charm and possibilities! Were that is, we are not real sure yet! We have an idea about were we would like to be, but God hasn’t reviled to us yet were we will build our homestead.  Until then we are working hard and learning so we will be ready!

Stop in any time and catch up with us here. Oh, and if you see our goats or chickens out on the road, blow the horn and we will chase them back were they belong!! Have a great day Neighbor!!

Dory ~ Copilot for The Delightful Cottage


Hello to all y’all,

This blog is created with the intend to encourage other moms in this journey called motherhood. A place of info, humor, and country wisdom.

There will be a lot of boy related post’s, due to the fact that I am a mom to 3 boys. I plan to write on household corner-cutting, boy activities, sewing projects, & of course my personal opinion on what ever comes to me.

I am a creative, type B, work from home, wife and mother of three boys. Sewing and creating items from second hand denim are my main hobby.  Shopping at 2nd hand stores are also a favorite pastime of mine, especially when I can score items to resell!

I am a bit of a Jill of all trades… there are not many things I have not done!

I am the oldest of 11 children. This created opportunity to learn to do a lot of unique things.

Such as :

running chainsaws,

driving tractors,

fixing small engines,

stacking hay,

helping with maple season,

cooking for a crowd,

working in a large garden,

helping in greenhouses,

canning, milking goats,

helping my dad in his electric & plumbing business,

doing laundry,

taking care of babies,

helped with building a house,

teaching younger siblings to read.

As a teen/ young adult, I worked at an produce auction, cleaned high end houses, milked at a couple dairies as a relief milker, babysat, and helped care for an elderly neighbor.

After meeting my husband and getting married in 2001, I began life as a homemaker and worked from home, babysat, sold Tupperware, did custom sewing and ran my own mini garden center. Since our boys came along, we also have a bit of a farmstead going on here with our goats & Chickens!

My daily life at this stage of the journey revolves around my husband’s busy work schedule, housework, our boys’ school schedule, and my part-time teaching at our private school. Cooking also takes up a bit of my time, these boys of mine know how to eat hardy!

I enjoy my crazy life for the most part and look forward to the new challenges that await! I still have a few things on my bucket list tho, Just give me time!!

BTW, My name is Dory, Thank you for reading my blog and I look forward to meeting you as we walk this parenting journey!

A bit of real life!



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